Entry Information & Important Dates

Entry will be available via Eventor from 31st October 2023.

Standard Entries: From 31st October 2023 until the 3rd March 2024
Late Entries: From 4th March 2024 until 10th March 2024

Late entries will incur a 25% fee increase.

Enter On The Day

Enter on the day will not be available.

Prologue and Public Event

The prologue will be run for the following elite and upcoming elite classes: M/W21E, M/W20E, M/W18A.

Course 1: M21E, M20E, M18A
Course 2: W21E, W20E, W18A

In addition there will be a public event for Course 1/ 2 and a shorter/ easier Course 3 as well as a Family Teams Event.

For the Family Team Event, The results will be an aggregate of the three team members. There will be no mass start or tagging for the family teams event. Register your 3 runners with their respective legs (Course 1, 2 or 3) at the Easter 3 Days – Family Team Nomination on Eventor (no fee).  Times from both the Elite Prologue and the Public Event can contribute to a team total, with both overall and handicap results to be calculated

For a team in the Family Teams event to be official, one member of the team must be directly related to each of the other two team members in one of the following categories: spouse or de facto spouse, parent, child, brother, sister, grandparent, grandchild, in laws (parent, brother, sister), adopted child, nephew, niece.

To encourage the Team event, seniors can enter Course 3 at a discounted rate (see below)

Entry Fees

Prologue and Public Event
Category Standard
Entry Fee
Late Entry
Junior Elites
Adults on C1/C2
Adults on C3
Youth (13- 20) on C1/C2
Youth (13- 20) on C3
Juniors (12 and Under)
Australian 3 Days
Category Entry Fee
per day
Late Entry Fee
per day
Entry Fee
3 Days
Late Entry Fee
3 Days
Youth (13- 20)
Juniors (12 and Under)

Youth (13-20) who run up to M/W21 will pay the Adult fees.
Juniors (12 and under) who run up to M/W14A or above will pay the Youth fees.

Juniors and families

Family entry fees are capped at the three highest priced entries for each event; subsequent entries (juniors typically) are not charged. All family members must be entered at the same time, and must reside at the same address. The family cap is applied automatically as part of the payment process. Adding additional family members separately will result in fees being charged for them; this will not be adjusted. 

Landowner Donation

You may select a $5 donation to the landowners for Days 1 and 2 as a service within eventor.

This donation will be paid to the Rockleigh CFS on behalf of the landowners.

Refund Policy

Cancellations notified before entries close on March 10, will receive a 90% refund. The remaining 10% covers bank fees and administration costs associated with issuing refunds. No refunds will be made after entries close on March 10, other than on written request for exceptional circumstances.

Contact us to apply for a refund.

Australian 3 Day Age Groups

Age groups vary between the classes offered. Your age group depends on when you reach a given age: Entrants belong to the age group up to the end of the calendar year in which they reach the given age.

Adults are entitled to compete in younger adult classes down to and including 21. Example: the year you turn 45, you are M/W 45 but can run down in M/W40 or 35 or 21.

Youths are entitled to compete in higher youth age classes up to and including 21.  Example: the year you turn 15, you are M/W 16 but can run up in M/W18 or 20 or 21.

Under IOF and OA rules, females are permitted to enter male classes.   Any competitor wishing to do this should firstly enter a suitable female class in Eventor and then contact us to request the class change. The exception is M21AS (aka Sledge) which is open to all.

The age groups offered vary in each respective class and are only applicable for the Australian 3 Days and not the Prologue:

Elite classes: M/W21, M/W20E

A classes: M/W10, M/W12, M/W14, M/W16, M/W18, M/W20Sport, M/W21Sport, M/W35, M/W40, M/W45, M/W50, M/W55, M/W60, M/W65, M/W70, M/W75, M/W80, M/W85, M/W90

A Short (AS) classes: M/W20, M21(known as SLEDGE), W21, M/W35, M/W45, M/W55, M/W65

B classes: M Open, W Open, Open Moderate, Open Easy

Novice class: M/W10 Novice (for kids aged 10 and younger who need to be shadowed) – non-competetive.

All A and E classes will  be conducted, provided there is at least one entrant in the class. However once entries have closed, other classes may be merged at the organisers discretion if the minimum number (four) in any class is not reached.

Course Lengths

Final course lengths and climb will be available in Bulletin 2 after entries close.

Australian Three Days 2024 – Class Winning Times

IOF IDs for elites

All elites (M/W21E and M/W20E for Prologue – M/W21E for Day 1) who wish to receive world ranking points for the World Ranking Events (WREs), will need to be registered in IOF Eventor, and have an IOF ID.

You can find your IOF ID by logging in and checking My Pages on the IOF Eventor website. You also need to include it in your Eventor Australia profile under Competitor details.


If you change your Sportident stick after entering for the Carnival but before entries close, you will need to update the number in Eventor in your profile, and change it yourself in each entry made. If you change it after entries have closed, you must notify the Entry Manager. It is your responsibility to complete your course with the correct Sportident stick. If your stick number does not match the number in the Event database when you download, you may be disqualified.

If you do not own an SI Stick, SI8 sticks are available for hire at $10 for the carnival. No SIAC Cards are available for hire. A fee of $50 will apply to any SI sticks that are lost.  Make a selection under Services if you wish to hire an SI stick


You can change your entry (change class or update Sportident number) in Eventor yourself, any time up until the entry closing date. There is no fee for changing classes. Class changes after entry closure will only be accepted under exceptional circumstances, subject to map availability.

Split starts

If you are sharing childminding, you may request split start times at events where this is feasible. Your request will be actioned for every event that you’ve entered, where the start draw is long enough to accommodate split starts. The procedure for requesting split starts is to be confirmed after entries have opened.

Entering events - how to enter multiple events and pay in a single transaction

  • Log in to Eventor under your Club membership (not your State Association membership).

  • Go to the Event Calendar for March 2024 and Orienteering SA. Carnival events begin on Friday March 29, and end on Monday April 1

  • Place a tick in each of the boxes to the right of the event names, for every event you wish to enter.

  • Go to the top of the Eventor page, and click on the green “Enter Selected Events” button. A single Entry Screen showing every selected event will appear.

  • Check that your Sportident number is correct, especially if you recently upgraded!

  • For each event, select the Class you wish to compete in. All classes that you are eligible for are shown; make sure you choose the correct one, and don’t just pick the one at the top of the list. Your entry fee will be calculated depending on your age.

  • For the Three Days, you are automatically entered into all 3 days for your chosen class. If you are entering only some days, untick the days you are not entering. If you want to enter a different class on some days, then make separate entries for the selected days for the selected class.

  • If entering more than one person, click the link to one or more additional people. Choose people from the dropdown list, and a new entry for each of them will appear under yours. Follow the steps above for each person being entered. Payment will be totalled into a single transaction.

  • Repeat the above steps for each event you are entering. You will not be asked to confirm and pay until you have entered each event.

  • After entering all events, a summary screen of entries will appear. Check your entry details carefully! You can use Previous to make changes, before paying. Proceed to the Payment Options page. Payment is accepted via PayPal. All entries and services will be processed as a single transaction.

  • After payment has been received, you may view or print your Receipt. You will also receive a confirming email.