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Friday 29th March 2024

Controller: Robin Uppill

Event Organiser: Rob Dickinson

Course Planner: Bridget Uppill

Mapper: Adrian Uppill, remapped 2023, to ISSprOM2019-2

IOF Event Advisor: Jenny Casanova

The Heathfield map includes a state high school, an adjacent public football oval, netball courts and associated buildings, and thick bushland areas with some clearings. Being on the side of the hill, the school has several stairways and impassable retaining walls. Small tracks which may be rough at times, traverse the bushland areas. Significant building work was undertaken at the school in 2021 – 2022. These changes are not shown on the previous map.
Map Info Mapped 2022 with minor updates for the event

Previous Map


Heathfield High School
35min from Monarto  Campground
45min from Murrary Bridge
20min from Mount Barker
30min from Adelaide CBD